Edible Jewelry-Center of Attention Chocolate Necklace

Wow, now that’s a necklace you can have some fun with! Gold filled wire and clasp and edible gold leaf make for a great malted milk ball fashion accessory!

Is it real? yes, Will it melt? No, not really! They’ve been tested in the sweltering Miami heat, and didn’t melt!

They smell great, look really pretty, and you can wear it several times, or until you eat them! please don’t eat the wire. I do promise that they’re fun, smell great, and will make you the hit at any party! and, did I mention that the guys think they’re sexy?

If you want to reuse/recycle after the chocolate’s days are over, you can send it back and for $45+shipping, we’ll replace the chocolate with pearls, or other available stones! Now that’s a beautiful thing!

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Price: $150

To purchase email info@wendymahr.com